Jodie in Her Biggest Fan  (video)
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Jodie in Her Biggest Fan (video)

Gorgeous Jodie is investigating a strange deserted warehouse. Something in the back of her mind is shouting 'Take care!', but she is determined to unlock its secret. Can those signs be there to just scare her away? she thinks. Is this place really as dangerous as they say? And what will happen if I click this switch? Click.... A sudden sound of a large motor running invades her senses followed by the blast of icy cold air. The pressure builds and soon Jodie has to hang on to the wall for safety. 'Oh No!' she cries, as her clothes start to be pulled away one by one by the unstoppable blast of air!

Video Part One: 6 mins 38 secs


Video Part Two: 6 mins 54 secs

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