Carla, Petra, Lucy-Anne, in Pin-Up TV Vacancy  (video)
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Carla, Petra, Lucy-Anne, in Pin-Up TV Vacancy (video)

Lucy-Anne has come for an interview for the position of presenter on Pin-Up TV. She has brought her CV, a show reel, and is prepared to do everything she can to get such an amazing job. But the channels' interviewers, Carla and Petra, are determined to find the right girl to front a new show and have some very revealing ideas on interview techniques.  As Lucy-Anne soon discovers to her shock and embarrassment!

Eventually Lucy-Anne rumbles Carla and Petra’s naughty game and is determined to have her revenge. They have embarrassed her in front of the channels' boss and the entire TV station crew.  Now it’s their turn to do exactly as she tells them – no matter how naughty it is!

Video Part One: 8 mins 45 sec


Video Part Two: 5 mins 26 secs

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